Water Congress 2021

Innovating for sustainable water management

After the presentation during the Water Congress 2020 of Henk Ovink, the Dutch special envoy for international water affairs, for the 2021 Water Congress the Dutch support is even broader. Wageningen University and Research, one of the world’s leading universities for agriculture and with a strong focus on water and sustainability, will co-host the event this year. The focus of the Dutch contribution will be sustainability, consisting of water management, reuse, responsible mining, etc. During the Congress, 3 Dutch companies will present their solutions and services. 
Here you can find their information:

Arcadis, a company of Dutch origin with more than 130 years in the market, is recognized as a company specialized in Design, Consulting, Engineering and project management. Applying our deep knowledge of the market, we works in collaboration with our clients to offer innovative and sustainable results throughout the life cycle of projects. Today we are 27,000 employees, present in more than 70 countries, generating revenues of 3.3 billion Euros. In Chile we have a 40-year history, with more than 3,500 projects and studies carried out in mining, tailings, the environment, water management and public infrastructure (Metro, Airports, Trains and Reservoirs). We provide support to UN-Habitat applying our knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in the world’s fast-growing cities.

H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.’s mission is to offer a complete solution to Biofouling control, defining the most effective dosing recommendations based on customers’ situation and specifications. Our solutions result in the most effective control of biofouling at the lowest OPEX costs and have been acknowledged as proven technologies. We can guarantee the effectiveness by using unique biomonitoring systems to provide an operator real-time insight into any potential risk for biofouling. These can be used also as an early warning for side effects like corrosion or Legionella growth. H2O BFS employs a team of some of the most experienced engineers and biologists in the world having implemented hundreds of Biofouling control systems across the globe.

In 1995 the first Diver data logger was launched. This product was one of the first data logger in the world. It combines a pressure and temperature sensor, electronics and a battery in one housing. Since that time we have produced more than 300.000 Diver data loggers, which were used all over the world in many projects. Together with the Diver data logger Van Essen introduced a free of charge software program, nowadays known as Diver-Office.  

This Diver features either a stainless steel (316 L) casing with a 22 mm diameter (TD-Diver) or 18 mm diameter (Micro-Diver) or a ceramic housing with a 22 mm diameter for the Cera- and CTD-Diver. The CTD-Diver is also monitoring the conductivity. 

Since 2009 Van Essen Instruments developed its own telemetry system, called Diver-NETZ. The system sends data from the Diver using a Diver-Link modem to our Diver-Hub web portal.  

Through an API interface it makes it possible to extract data from Diver-HUB into another external database.